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Chasteberry for PMS

If your premenstrual symptoms have you stuck on a wild hormonal roller coaster, it’s time to take back control. Chasteberry for PMS is one tool you can use to help harness those wild, shifting hormones. In fact, this remedy pre-dates the roller coaster, as it’s been in wide use for thousands of years!  

We understand if you’re skeptical. It’s uncommon for science-backed PMS relief to grow on shrubs, but this one does. We’ve gathered everything we know about this incredible plant to highlight its effectivness and importance to relief during PMS.

Read on to learn how PMS herbal supplements like chasteberry can be a game-changer if you struggle with uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms. 

What Is Chasteberry?

The chaste tree (or vitex) grows in Asia and the Mediterranean. This stunning shrub yields gorgeous purple flowers in the summertime and smells like delicious sage. Each fruiting body, or chasteberry, yields four black seeds, often used to season food. 

When we talk about chasteberry for PMS, we’re referring to the dried fruit of the chaste tree. You can find it in the form of teas, capsules, or extracts. It’s also one of seven ingredients in Mamma Chick’s doctor-formulated PMS-busting formula

Does Chasteberry Work?

Historically, there has been less research on women’s health concerns, including the safe, natural remedies we’ve been using for years. Recently, there has been a shift toward acknowledging that female anatomy demands more study. This includes research into supplements like chasteberry.

Germany is ahead of the game. German gynecologists and general practitioners frequently prescribe the supplement to their female patients. It’s time for the rest of the world to catch up!

The American FDA may not be far behind. According to the NIH, the recent preliminary research into chasteberry has been promising. Researchers have found links between chasteberry and relief from the common symptoms of PMS, especially breast pain and tenderness. 

What we know for sure is that women have been depending on chasteberry for relief since antiquity. We have records of chasteberry use going back to civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Herbalists sometimes call it “monk’s pepper” because monks used it in many remedies in the medieval period. 

In other words, women have been using this super supplement to relieve menstrual symptoms for over 2,500 years. If you’re struggling with mood swings, irritability, or pain, it’s definitely worth a try. Periods have been a problem since the dawn of time, so generations upon generations of women can’t be wrong!

The Beautiful Benefits of Chasteberry

Chasteberry reduces some of the most pervasive symptoms of PMS. Recent research has found that it can even impact PMDD, including cases involving severe mood swings or hormonal shifts. 

Whether you’re dealing with killer migraines or achy breasts, this supplement can help. Here are  the most helpful effects of chasteberry.

Breast Pain

If your breasts get sore or tender before your period, prolactin may be to blame. This hormone stimulates the breasts in anticipation of lactation. If you aren’t trying to get pregnant, there’s no reason for your body to prepare. 

Luckily, chasteberry causes a reduction in this hormone. With less prolactin in your system, you’re less likely to feel that monthly soreness in your chest. 


If you’ve ever gone on a great run, gotten a little tipsy, or won big on a scratch ticket, you know that a sudden burst of endorphins leaves you feeling good! Endorphins can even help reduce pain as it floods your body with feel-good hormones. Chasteberry stimulates the same receptors in the brain, numbing pain and decreasing the intensity of agonizing PMS headaches.

If you experience PMDD and severe headaches, research suggests that chasteberry can make a big difference. You may get fewer headaches, and they won’t last as long. 

Hormonal Balance

When chasteberry acts as a beta-endorphin, it does more than relieve headache pain. It can reduce the amount of GnRH hormone in your brain, triggering your pituitary gland to release more helpful substances. These include the luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.

These chemicals help regulate estrogen and progesterone, which are the likely culprits of your jarring hormone shifts. This is key to restoring hormonal balance in women. Chasteberry stops irritability, PMS-related depression, and mood swings in their tracks. 

Don’t let the link to endorphins make you nervous. Women have been relieving their symptoms for thousands of years without any link to addiction or dependence. It’s the perfect all-natural, as-needed remedy for your premenstrual woes.

Get off the Roller Coaster With Chasteberry for PMS

Shifting estrogen and progesterone levels involve a lot of ups and downs, but it’s possible to find balance. Taking chasteberry for PMS can help keep your hormones grounded during that turbulent time of the month. This all-natural supplement will help you conquer the most common PMS symptoms and get off the hormonal roller coaster for good. 

Chasteberry is one of seven ingredients in the Mamma Chick formula. It’s a tasty, doctor-formulated way to fortify your body, stay hydrated, and kiss PMS and PMDD symptoms goodbye. Browse our online store to sip your way to calm and comfy periods. 

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