Mamma Chick

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mamma Chick help with PMS?

Aside from being a great boost of natural goodness anyone could use, Mamma Chick contains 7, say it with us SEVEN, vitamins and minerals! Just turn the bottle over! They were all specifically selected to punch PMS right where it hurts. Bring it.

Where is Mamma Chick made?

Right in your own back yard…America the beautiful!

How long does it take to work?

As with anything worth waiting for, these vitamins can take up to 3 months for the body to indicate how much it’s benefitting from the extra boost. However, since Mamma Chick contains hefty B vitamins, you may see a nice jolt of energy in a much shorter time.

Why the powder form instead of pills?

We are aware that most people prefer a pill form, but what if you had to take 10? Yes we did our research. Since many other PMS products are limited in ingredients and we have SO many, you’d have to choke down 10 pills versus two small scoops. And let’s face it, if you throw it in some H2O, extra hydration isn’t a bad problem to have. Side note-if you like sweet tarts you’ll like the Mamma Chick formula.

Is it safe to take?

Obviously always talk to your doctor with any questions or concerns, especially those of you with liver issues who should not take this product. However, there’s nothing in Mamma Chick that isn’t readily available on the vitamin shelf in your local grocery or drug store. You just won’t have to buy a hundred separate bottles.

Is it safe to take while pregnant?

Pregnancy is an extremely special situation! Don’t take this product while pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breast feeding. Talk to your doctor instead.

Could this product help with menopause?

Absolutely! Although Mamma Chick isn’t designed for menopause like some products, it definitely aids in a few symptoms associated with it, like mood swings, breast pain, and weight gain. Fun.

Is this product guaranteed to work?

We obviously cannot guarantee this wonderful formula to be completely full proof. But we definitely have much faith in our ingredients and their benefits for your body! If you aren’t happy with your results, we will promptly refund you.

Is Mamma Chick vegan and vegetarian free?

You bet your soy eating, oat drinking, tofurky crumbling bottom it is!

Why is a subscription better than a one-time buy?

Even if you prefer to be a one time buyer, getting an initial three months supply to see how your body will respond may be a better choice. Self experiment if you will. With a subscription, your Mamma Chick comes on time every month at a discounted price. We send an email in advance when renewal time is approaching. You may cancel at any time!

Are my payments secure?

Come on now! Your payment information is encrypted and handled by one of the biggest third party payment services, Stripe. In other words, there are tiny invisible ninjas that come in each box.

Can my boyfriend/husband take Mamma Chick?

Yo men! Don’t turn your noses up at this product! The last time we checked, ZERO Mamma Chick ingredients had nothing to do with gender. Even though this question is totally entertaining because men aren’t blessed with periods, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from ALL of these vitamins and minerals. If your man is offended by this he may be secretly having periods.

One more thing…

We don’t mean to be bossy but please recycle this plastic bottle when you are finished! We love this supportive, beautiful, strange rock, on which she allows us to live!