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magnesium periods

Magnesium for Period Cramps: A Comprehensive Wellness Guide

It’s unknown which wise person said this but thank you, wherever you are. “Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn’t be punished for not being pregnant.” Sometimes, ...
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Happy new year from Mamma Chick

Happy New Year from Mamma Chick

When I first thought about writing direct messages to our own beloved buyers, I fantasized about tons of people relating to any message I put ...
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Mamma Chick Co-Founder Shares Her Favorite Period Memory!

Niki, Mamma Chick’s Co-Founder, shares her favorite period memory in this hilarious recap. Thankfully she wasn’t experiencing PMS or PMDD symptoms at the time, but ...
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drinks that help with period cramps

Healthy Drinks That Help With Period Pain

The average woman has 400 periods during her lifetime. If that thought makes you groan, we definitely don’t blame you.  When it comes to your ...
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pms headache

Why Do I Get a Headache Before My Period? What Can Help This?

About 90% of women say that they deal with PMS symptoms like headaches, cramps, and bloating. The headaches can be the most perplexing, because you ...
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what vitamins help with anxiety

Can Vitamin D Help with Depression and Anxiety?

It’s easy to not feel your best when you aren’t getting the nutrients that you need daily. When you lack nutrition, mental health issues like ...
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