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PMS Supplements: Powder vs. Pills

It takes a lot of fortification to fight off the fiercest PMS symptoms. That’s why the Mamma Chick formula contains seven super ingredients to keep cramping, mood swings, and premenstrual pain at bay.

Do you know how many PMS pills you’d need to swallow to reap the benefits of each doctor-formulated ingredient in one serving of Mamma Chick? Pardon the rhetorical question. We don’t expect you to know.

Ten! That’s just one reason why Mamma Chick reigns supreme in the world of PMS supplements. We haven’t even touched on the sweet tart flavor, the bonus hydration benefits, or the animal-friendly vegan formula.

We hope that’s all the motivation women would need to switch to our PMS powder, but if not, here are other benefits when it comes to drinking your vitamins.

Powders Fit Into the Hydration Equation

If you’re like us, you can’t even sit down to work without a cup of something sitting on the desk beside you. Maybe it’s coffee or water—but it could just as easily be your daily dose of Mamma Chick PMS supplement powder.

Doctors recommend that women need to consume 2.7 liters of water each day. It’s hard to get that much hydration from food alone. Plus, coffee, sodas, and some teas are diuretics and can actually have a dehydrating effect.

If you’re dealing with hormonal acne, extra hydration can only help. Healthy, hydrated skin is less likely to break out. You’ll feel more confident when you know you’re meeting your body’s needs.

It’s hard to find a pill that can help you meet your daily hydration goals!

Powder Breaks It Down for You

If you’re taking a supplement, you want to reap the benefits now. Why wait for relief from cramps, tender breasts, or headaches?

When you take supplements in powder form, your body doesn’t have to do much work to deliver those essential nutrients to where they need to go. The sooner the vitamins for PMS make it into your bloodstream, the sooner your body can absorb and use them. That means saying goodbye to those painful premenstrual symptoms in the quickest way possible.

Compared to powders, pills are more challenging for the body to break down. It can take hours for your body to absorb the ingredients, let alone put them to work. With a powder, the effect is almost immediate.

Powder Is Easy to Swallow

When it comes to PMS supplements, solubility is a superpower! All you need to do is mix your Mamma Chick with water for a sweet and sour berry remedy ready to ease your most pernicious symptoms.

The more soluble a substance is, the easier it is on your digestive tract. If you have any GI issues, from IBS to gluten sensitivity, a gentle, inflammation-free powder is the way to go. This is  the adverse of how PMS pills work.

There are plenty of other reasons why women may want to avoid capsules and pursue other PMS supplement options.

Perhaps you take several medications and your pill organizer is already overflowing. Perhaps you don’t enjoy swallowing pills. Whatever the reason, Mamma Chick is a simple solution to quicker PMS recovery.

Powder Lasts Longer

The PMS supplement ingredients in Mamma Chick are stable. That means you can keep your powder around for a long time before you even need to think about expiration dates. When comparing powder to gummy or liquid supplement, these can lose thier potency within just a few weeks. This is why gummy manufacturers tend to falsley tout higher quanities of their ingredients.

Poweder lasts longer. This is a money saver. You won’t need to throw away half-full containers of Mamma Chick if you take it regularly! You can also save by stocking up and taking advantage of our three-month subscription discount. Your backup bottles won’t go bad while they wait for their turn on your shelf!

Powder supplements tend to be much less expensive than pills overall. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also spend less in the beginning.

Powder Is Vegan and Gluten-Free

At Mamma Chick, we try to keep it kind. While some gummy supplements contain bone-derived gelatin, our powder is 100% vegan, with no cruel animal products to speak of. Mamma Chick is also gluten-free, making it safe for women with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. As we mentioned prior, the powder is easier on your digestive system than pills, which can provide extra relief for those with digestive concerns.

The Scoop on Scooping Your PMS Supplements

Sure, there’s a lovely simplicity to popping a single PMS pill and going about your day—but one pill can’t resolve your varying premenstrual woes. Powdered PMS supplements like Mamma Chick pack so many symptom-soothing ingredients into two tiny scoops. You won’t have a need for capsules again! It’s hard to go wrong with a doctor-formulated supplement that tastes like sweet tarts, too.

You won’t find a tastier, vegan, gluten-free powdered supplement—and you don’t have to. Mamma Chick has all the energy-boosting ingredients you need to make it through the month. Visit our online store to start scooping your way to easier periods!

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