Happy New Year from Mamma Chick - Mamma Chick

Happy New Year from Mamma Chick

When I first thought about writing direct messages to our own beloved buyers, I fantasized about tons of people relating to any message I put out from Mamma Chick.  However, I really dislike social media, don’t have it personally, and had no idea which lens our buyers would use to view something personally written.  It’s rough out there.  And then I checked myself.  That sounds like a person who cares about what social media would think.  That just isn’t the way I’d like to represent our humble company.  I will describe myself in a few adjectives in brutal honesty here:  Virgo, perfectionist but sometimes lazy, writer, easily overwhelmed, caretaker, animal lover, earth lover, tiny human lover, lover of basic manners, patient but also quick to anger if the right buttons pushed, anxiety struggler, damaged, loyal friend, strange, empathetic but probably should’ve been a secret agent. I mean, does this sound like a stable person???  It’s ok.  I’m fully aware.  Our message for the New Year is when in doubt, find someone who knows you to your core but won’t steal your ideas or your money, and start a company that cares about something.  Thanks, dad!  Happy 2024 people!  More messages to come.  Signing off, this is Mamma Chick!

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