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What are the Best PMS Teas?

What do menstruating women and werewolves have in common? We share a funny little tendency to spend part of every month sleepless and irritable as we seek to satisfy bottomless cravings! Aw-ooooh! If you’re going to be up howling at the moon, you might as well enjoy a nice, hot beverage—bonus points if it can soothe the wild thing within! That’s why we’ve become huge fans of drinking tea for PMS.

Women experience these less-than-comfy PMS symptoms because they’re balancing a slew of shifting hormones. A cozy cup of herbal tea can offer a boost to support your monthly cycle, so you’ll come out feeling fierce!

We’ve created this guide to help you understand what to look for in an herbal tea for PMS. The soothing beverages on our list will help you manage everything from cramping to acne to anxiety, and even overall wellness.

Read on to discover the beverage that will keep you going when PMS has you feeling beastly!

To Tea or Not to Tea?

Do you take your tea with a spot of science? If you’re on the fence about teas and supplements, it helps to hear what scientific professionals have to say.

Historically, there have been fewer medical studies related to women’s bodies. This reality is finally beginning to shift as doctors and researchers recognize that human anatomy is not one-gender-fits-all. While the research on natural PMS relief is still scant, it’s out there—and the good news is, most doctors agree that teatime is beneficial.

They’ve found that several specific teas and herbs can relieve symptoms associated with symptoms of PMS. Many of the ingredients have applications in Eastern medicine traditions, too.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to try tea for PMS relief:

  • Tasty and soothing
  • Few side effects
  • You can combine it with medications, if desired
  • All-natural
  • Low- or zero-calorie
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • More affordable than medication

If you’re already enjoying an evening cuppa, PMS teas might be the perfect addition to your existing routine. Reach for the tin that best addresses your current symptoms or concerns.

Spilling the Tea on PMS Teas

Drinking tea is a great way to keep your body hydrated. Herbal teas do not typically contain caffeine. That means there’s no diuretic effect, so all that water goes right to your cells, keeping them plump and satisfied, which can reduce PMS-related breakouts.

If hydration were the only goal, we’d tell you to grab a cup of water. It’s the herbs that really make a difference! Let’s discuss some of the top PMS tea ingredients and what they do.

White Tea

Since white tea is the least processed of true teas, it also contains the most antioxidants. Catechins in white tea may help lower blood pressure, improve circulation and lower the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants in white tea have also been shown to lower cholesterol levels, especially bad LDL cholesterol. Aside from health in general, this tea has the ability to aid in lowering cortisol levels, an essential hormone.  Since hormone levels are flucuating during your period, this tea could be a game changer to its severity.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known to have anti-spasmodic properties which can greatly reduce muscle spasms that come with cramping. It also contains apigenin, which helps the body wind down and relax and encourages sleep and relaxation. This makes it a great choice for women who experience PMS or PMDD anxiety.

Some studies even show that chamomile’s pleasant tranquilizing effect can reduce cramping. If tension and tenderness keep you up before your period, a cup of chamomile can calm things down.

Ginger Tea

Does your premenstrual slump leave you feeling a bit queasy or bloated? Ginger to the rescue!

Women have been using this flavorful root for nausea relief for centuries. It’s a sweet and spicy way to soothe an upset tummy.

Part of the reason ginger keeps tummies happy is because of it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help with cramping or general menstrual pain. Some researchers believe it’s as effective as over-the-counter painkillers!

Green Tea

Unlike the other teas on this list, green tea contains caffeine. If you wake up feeling sleepy and depleted before your period, it’s a healthy way to fight malaise and kickstart the day.

Additionally, green tea contains theanine and polyphenols, which help the body relax and reduce inflammation. It can help you unclench those muscles, even if PMS leaves you tense.

The antimicrobial effects of green tea also make it a good solution for anyone experiencing premenstrual acne.

Not all bodily systems are created equal so, as with all remedies, results may vary.  Just because some women insist green tea relieves cramps, doesn’t mean others will experience the same effects.  However, the health benefits that come with green tea are worth every cup.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea doesn’t taste like raspberries, but don’t let that stop you from harnessing its power to relieve cramping! It can help with all kinds of muscle spasms, PMS-related or otherwise. This tea is so effective that midwives have been using it to calm contraction pain for centuries, earning it the nickname “the women’s herb.”

Fennel Tea

If you like the taste of licorice, fennel tea is another one of your options for PMS teas. This herb contains quercetin and vitamin C, which reduce inflammation throughout the body. Like ginger, scientists have found that it’s as effective as most drugstore painkillers, making it a magic cramp-buster before and during your period.

Unsure of Which Tea to Try?

There are many benefits of tea for PMS symptoms, but no one tea can address all your concerns. Instead of trying different teas, some women prefer a complete supplement with all the vitamins and herbs they need in one tasty glass. And if you use a powder form supplement for PMS, you can always add it to your tea because of it’s instant solubility.

Mamma Chick contains seven simple ingredients that work together to address the most common symptoms of PMS and PMDD and can be added to any drink, especially your teas!

They include:

  • Chasteberry fruit extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega-6
  • Calcium Citrate
  • Folate
  • Magnesium Glycinate

You can read more about our formula on our website. The bottom line is that Mamma Chick is one way to sip away your most pervasive PMS symptoms. It’s an all-in-one, science-backed, alternative to even the best herbal teas.

Give Tea for PMS a Try

When experiencing PMS or PMDD, you can always use a little extra TLC. Brewing a cup of tea is a meditative activity that can help center you if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Settling down with a warm cup of tea for PMS is a self-care routine that yields benefits beyond relaxation during this delicate time. Take a minute for yourself.

In the meantime, be sure to add Mamma Chick! Our berry tasting, vegan, gluten-free supplement powder, contains all the nutrients you need to stop PMS symptoms in her tracks. Browse the shop and start sipping your way to a kinder, gentler period.

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