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What Supplements Help With PMS?

Around 90% of women have experienced PMS symptoms before. They can include symptoms of bloating, mood swings, body pain, and more. PMS can be severe for some people and make it difficult to perform basic tasks. 

Are there PMS supplements that can help with that? Or are they a fad? Keep reading and learn more about PMS supplements and what they can do for you.


It is believed that some supplements can help with certain PMS symptoms. Suppose you suffer from symptoms like bloating or fluid retention. You may also experience swollen or tender breasts.

Some research studies that magnesium may help with these symptoms of PMS. More research is needed to see exactly how effective magnesium is for these symptoms. Some studies have conclusive results that the mineral works while others do not. 

But using magnesium for PMS symptoms can’t hurt. Many women can find relief from using magnesium PMS supplements. 

Research studies have shown that taking around 360 mg of magnesium every day may help with PMS symptoms. But these supplements for PMS are not guaranteed to work. 

It may only be necessary to take 200 mg of magnesium per day. This amount has been shown to help reduce swelling and bloating in some women. Mamma Chick is a supplement that contains magnesium glycinate. 

The Details

The Mamma Chick supplement may help you get over your PMS symptoms. It is a powder made from several unique ingredients. These ingredients were all carefully chosen to help with PMS symptoms.

You can easily use a scoop of the powder and add it to your favorite drink. This makes it very easy to consume with a high absorbancy rate.

Consuming this supplement may help you with various symptoms. Be wary of taking magnesium supplements alone. Pure magnesium may come with some side effects. 

The most common side effects include gastrointestinal symptoms. These include diarrhea and upset stomach. Magnesium supplements can create changes in blood pressure in some people. 

It is a good idea to talk to your doctor before consuming anything with magnesium. This will ensure that magnesium is a good and safe option for your PMS symptoms.  

Chasteberry Fruit

You may have not heard of chasteberries before. But they are becoming more popular as more people discover their benefits. This fruit grows in the warm climates of the Mediterranean and Central Asia. 

People in these regions have been using the fruit from the chaste tree for hundreds of years. Some studies show that this fruit has very promising effects when treating PMS symptoms. It is very good at reducing fluid retention and breast swelling or tenderness.

It may be helpful for women who experience mood swings during PMS. If you often get depressed or angry before your period, the chasteberry fruit might be something good to try. 

Scientific studies using chasteberry fruit used tablets with an extract of 20 mg. The women in the study were told to take these supplements over several cycles. The results showed that the fruit seemed to improve PMS symptoms in most women. 

What You Need to Know

There were a few other studies done with this fruit. They also showed that the fruit was very good at reducing certain symptoms. It seems to be most effective at reducing fluid retention or bloating. 

The great thing about this fruit is that it is very safe. Most people who take it experience little to no side effects. However, it is still important to talk to your doctor before trying this supplement. 

The Food and Drug Administration also does not regulate this substance since it is an herbal remedy. Mamma Chick features chasteberry fruit extract as one of its main ingredients since it has shown itself to be so effective. 

This ingredient is mixed with several others to form a powder. The blend of these unique ingredients creates a powerful result. The chasteberry fruit combined with magnesium has a very good chance of reducing your PMS symptoms. Since every body is different, results may vary.


You might know that calcium is good for making your bones strong. But did you know that calcium may also be good for treating PMS symptoms? Studies have shown that calcium may help soothe various PMS symptoms.

A study was done that used 500 milligrams of calcium taken for three months straight. The women in the study took the supplements twice a day. The study then compared these women to a control group. 

This is a group of women with PMS who did not take any supplements. The study found that the women who took the calcium had less intense PMS symptoms. The calcium supplements reduced symptoms of fatigue and depression associated with PMS.

There were also fewer appetite changes. Mamma Chick also features calcium, specifically calcium citrate. This ingredient works in conjunction with the chasteberry fruit and magnesium. 

This creates a very powerful supplement. It is arguably better than pure calcium or pure magnesium supplements. Its powder form along with all its potent ingredients is a great thing to try if you’re looking to reduce your PMS symptoms. 

All about PMS Supplements

There are many PMS supplements out there, but many lack the proper ingredients and amounts you need to find relief from PMS symptoms. Supplements that have promise include magnesium, calcium, and chasteberry fruit extract. You can find all of these ingredients in Mamma Chick supplements. 

These powder supplements are easy to use and enjoy. To learn more about them, explore the products we have to offer

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